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Ben Shaw: my journey into leadership

Ben Shaw serves as a vice president in Commercial Banking in Alpharetta, Georgia. He joined Synovus after graduating from college in 2007. Ben’s journey into executive leadership began in Synovus’ management training program. We caught up with Ben to get his take why Synovus has become a long term fit for him.

What made you decide to not only join Synovus but build your career here?

You could tell how important it was to not just have team members who can be advocates for our bank, but also active members of the community in the areas in which we serve.

Ben also appreciates the access he and fellow team members have to senior and executive leadership

Our bank executives stay engaged on a regular basis with all team members, to make sure we understand opportunities for growth in the organization over time. The senior and executive leadership ask for our input on a variety of topics and make a consistent effort to understand our goals from a professional standpoint.

What does the being the Bank of Here mean to you?

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the community. Whether it’s the peanut butter and jelly campaign or bottled water drives, we are committed to helping those in need in our communities. There are opportunities to volunteer at the local food bank or Habitat for Humanity or a multitude of organizations where you can have an impact on the community. I have found a way to put my passion into action.

What do you think Synovus has to offer new hires?

I think in a world where a lot of companies are looking to reduce expenses and find ways to cut down on costs, our benefits package has remained incredibly strong. My wife and I just had our first child four months ago. She works for a private school in Atlanta, and I assumed her insurance coverage would be the one that we would use. I was surprised when I looked and saw it was better if we put our son under my plan.

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