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Cissy Giglio: from bank teller to director

Cissy Giglio started her career thirty years ago as a teller with Synovus and now serves as a Director of Retail Banking. We caught up with Cissy to get her take on how Synovus has changed over the years

What is the leadership culture like at Synovus?

Thirty years ago, it was a different world. They told us, “If you work hard and do a good job, you’ll do well here.” Hearing that as a young adult was encouraging to me, and over the years, I’ve experienced just what I was told."

Can you share your journey?

It didn’t happen overnight, but my path has never been defined. If you asked me what I wanted to do when I was in college, I would’ve thought of a Branch Manager or a Regional Manager. I didn’t have sights that went past that.

Because of our five-state footprint, my role has become more of a nuanced management role than I’d say, seven or eight years ago. I’ve met so many people through Synovus, and even if it’s not a face-to-face meeting, I still feel like I’ve connected with them.

Connecting with her team members is integral to Cissy’s passion at Synovus. Now that she’s in a leadership role, she has the opportunity to elevate and relate to those around her.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Synovus?

I’ve loved having a large team and helping others realize what they want out of their careers. Having a group of team members with different mindsets achieving their dreams is great to see. I also enjoy still getting that customer connection during my regular day-to-day routine. Seeing the ultimate impact of what we do behind the scenes play out for the customer is really important.

Why do you think it’s important for a company to not only give back to its team members but to the community, as well?

Banking is one of the industries that has very close ties to the community. Even in difficult financial times, we find ways to give back to the people around us. I’ve always felt very encouraged to give back my time, volunteer, serve on boards, and do what I can to help others. There’s an expectation from our culture that makes it clear we’re taking care of people first.

What are the secrets to a successful career at Synovus?

When I think about someone starting out, I think about telling them to learn as much as they can. The ideal candidate for Synovus is someone who has a servant’s heart. Everything I’ve done in my career has required service of some sort. Someone who can see value in that and work well with others is going to do well here, no matter what your specific role is.

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