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Schyann Hardy: customer care problem solver

Schyann Hardy is a Priority Services Partner within our Customer Care Center. Her history with Synovus is long. At the age of 17, she opened an account with us. Time went by, and when Schyann started considering a career, she had a thought: why not apply to the place she actually enjoyed going to.

What made you decide to join Synovus?

As I got older and started going into the branches more and more, I always thought everyone was so nice and friendly. So one day I decided to apply to Synovus because my personality matched what I had seen of the customer service team. I’ve been here ever since and I love it.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

One thing that motivates me is the work environment I’m coming into. I have a lot of support, and I know if I need help or assistance, there are team members around me.

We all have the same ideals here. When you’re in a crisis, we all make an effort to show that we’re right there with you.

Working in customer service takes a certain skill – one customer care coordinator Schyann Hardy possesses. 

If I didn’t understand something, I would want someone patient and understanding to help me, so that’s what I do for them.

She encountered that issue recently, with a frustrated customer who was trying to log into his account using a temporary password.

I told him I understood his problem, simplified the process, and gave him a new password, staying on the line with him until he logged in successfully. I also told him to speak to me directly if he had any more problems. By the end of the call, he was so happy he asked to speak to my supervisor—in a good way!

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