Diversity, equity and inclusion
Diversity, equity and inclusion
​​​​​​​Diversity of perspective, thought, and experience drives better decisions and better business. Everyone is welcome here.
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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental to fostering environments that leverage the unique perspectives and full potential of diverse talent.

Our goal is to create a workplace where team members are confident, bringing their full selves to work. Therefore, diversity, equity and inclusion play roles in conversations that range from the substance and execution of our work to hiring practices and the creation of professional development opportunities at our company.

We recognize that talent is our differentiator, and to create a workplace that is accessible, equitable, and innovative, we start with our people.

Find your opportunity here, where we’re committed to harnessing diverse perspectives to better serve our team members, customers, and communities.

Diverse group of co-workers talking at a table

How has diversity, equity and inclusion come to life at Synovus?

Employee Michael Solomon circle image
Michael Solomon
Early Talent Development Manager
Diversity, equity and inclusion are part of my DNA, which means I feel that we are stronger both as individuals and as a company when we base our overall decision-making by considering everyone’s perspectives. The remarkable growth and participation of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the work that has come out of these initiatives is a great example of how DEI has come to life for our company. It has been great to see our leadership team participate in the journey and make a tremendous effort to take DEI to the next level for Synovus.
Employee Lisa Dupree circle image
Lisa Dupree
Senior Director, Business Excellence
​​​​​​​I believe our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have created a stronger sense of team member engagement and belonging. It impacts my work and everything we do due to the diversity of thought and backgrounds within my team. Coming together and collaborating elevates the end result and ensures we are thinking about the big picture from multiple perspectives. Diversity in race, gender, background, and upbringing helps us build high-performing teams that drive results.
Employee Kate Finley circle image
Kate Finley
Director, Consumer Lending Products
​​​​​​​I’m thankful for the company’s constant reminders of the importance of different perspectives. Seeking to see through the eyes of others helps with relationship building and enables more effective communication during complicated problem solving. Additionally, I’m thankful for team members’ transparency regarding how they’ve managed challenges, improved themselves, and reached professional goals. In particular, our career-minded mothers are especially encouraging of each other. Our culture celebrates boldness and ambition while also affirming the beauty of personal lives.
Employee Steve Adams circle image
Steve Adams
Chief Commercial Banking Officer
​​​​​​​For many of our leaders, we are all learning together how unconscious bias can unintentionally hold us back from a higher performance level. We’re helping to hold each other accountable and think differently about the way we build and engage our teams going forward. For me, I think I’m learning to ask better questions and to involve more people in decisions where I probably would not have before. This has helped me see the blind spots I may not have seen otherwise.

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