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Mary Beth Balzli: what it's like to lead at Synovus

Mary Beth Balzli is the president and CEO of Synovus Mortgage Corp. (SMC). She has been with SMC since 1999, leading a team dedicated to serving customers in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina. We caught up with Mary Beth to get her take on what it’s like to lead at Synovus.

Can you share your journey to the Synovus team?

I went to high school and college in Florida, where I put myself through school working as a mortgage loan processor, which led to my decision to become a banker. Before joining Synovus, I worked at KPMG for several years, focusing primarily on financial institutions.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Synovus?

For me, it’s being involved in every aspect of the business. In my current role, I have a strong sense of responsibility to the mortgage team members. That feeling takes over as soon as I walk through the door regardless of how the day began. Being president and CEO reinforced my sense of priorities in keeping my team members first.

What is the leadership culture like at Synovus?

Many companies talk about servant leadership. At Synovus, it truly is a part of our culture. I work every day with managers who live it. They value their team members’ contributions and perspectives and provide opportunities to team members who are engaged and excited. We also value the communities we serve. We honestly have so many nice people who care about each other.

Why do you think it’s important for a company to not only give back to its team members but to the community, as well?

It is our responsibility to provide team members with the tools to be successful within the organization . We encourage our team members to serve others in the community. If we care about each other and the community we’re in, everything else will fall in line.

Outside of your career, how has Synovus had an impact on your life?

I’ve been here for more than 20 years. In that time, I’ve had mentors, role models, and champions. I’ve met people I admire, and I’ve personally grown as a result of my relationships at Synovus.

What are the secrets to having a successful career at Synovus?

At Synovus, if you raise your hand and show a willingness to be a contributor, you’ll have doors open for future growth. Team members who are enthusiastic and motivated are always a great fit.

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