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Julie Tran: amazing friendly atmosphere

Julie Tran serves as an IT Application Analyst II within our Technology division. Julie’s journey with Synovus began with an summer internship. We caught up with Julie to get her take on what it’s like to begin your career at Synovus.

What made you decide to join Synovus?

Synovus has always been a staple in the community, while attending school at Columbus State University. I knew it was a company that I would love to join. During my Internship I was amazed at the friendly atmosphere and the enjoyable work environment. Synovus has always shown that they value learning and innovation.
What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the team members that I work with, everyone is always willing and happy to help. There is always an opportunity to gain more knowledge around different applications and roles.
Why do you think it’s important for Synovus to give back to team members and the community?

Giving back to team members builds good morale and trust. The more Synovus gives back to their team members the more their employees want to remain working here. Giving back to the community has always been important to Synovus, during my internship we volunteered at three different local communities. It’s great to help those in need and giving back to the community. This also helps Synovus with gaining visibility in the community. The more people in the Columbus Georgia communities see Synovus whether it’s at a fundraising event or when Synovus is sponsoring something it represents Synovus in a positive light. Customers will prefer to bank with a place that they know of.

Outside of your career, how has Synovus impacted your life?

Synovus has allowed me to build lifelong friendships and relationships with those who I may not have met otherwise. Synovus has given me the opportunity to flourish in my personal growth and different skillsets, and in my education.
What are the secrets to a successful career at Synovus?
  • Keep trying to learn anything you can
  • If there is something you see that could be done better, do it!
  • It is very important to build relationships with your peers, and form mentorships with other team members.
  • With this being IT, you must always be prepared for change, IT is always changing and innovating.
  • Ensure your communication skills are spectacular, it will definitely be needed

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