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Darius Barnes: passionate about learning and development.

Darius Barnes is a senior learning specialist with Synovus Learning and Development. He enlisted in the United States Air Force immediately after graduating from high school in Miami. His military career included basic training in San Antonio and duty assignments at Keesler Air Force Base (AFB), Langley AFB, and a tour in Korea. Darius joined Synovus in 2019.

Tell us about your military career.

I was in the United States Air Force for 17 years. I left the military as a master sergeant and held a few different jobs. I worked as a personal apprentice in human resources for six years. After that, I took training to enter the education and training field to become a training manager. As a training manager, I’m in charge of all training functions, professional development, and strategic planning.

What made you decide to join Synovus?

Synovus gave me an opportunity to do what I’d developed a passion for—training and development. I’ll always be grateful for and appreciative of this opportunity.

How has your military training helped you in your role at Synovus?

My military training helps me stay disciplined in my studies and see what I can do to help my team. I look at those I work with as my team members, and I’ll always do what I can to be there for them.

What do you enjoy most about you role?

I enjoy being in front of a class. I love being able to help others and teach skills that’ll help their professional development. Passing on knowledge is one of the most important things I can do, and I greatly enjoy it.

Why do you think it’s important for Synovus to give back to team members and the community?

Well, it’s simple for me. If we don’t give back, who will? I’ve always tried to lead by example, and when it comes to giving back, you never know who’s watching or who you might inspire to do the same.

Outside of your career, how has Synovus impacted your life?

Synovus has provided a sense of security for me. Although I haven’t been with Synovus very long, Synovus has taken me in as one of its own—flaws and all. I’ve never been in a corporate job that feels like family and looks out for each other the way we do.

What are the secrets to a successful career at Synovus?

You should be willing to receive constructive criticism. We’re all here to learn and be better. We can’t do that without each other. Be open to new things. When something doesn’t go right, have a resilient mindset to bounce back.

What is your message to veterans and military considering joining the Synovus team?

Give Synovus a chance. Synovus may be different from what you’re familiar with, but don’t refuse the opportunity. Once Synovus has taken you in, you’re one of us. You become family, and we take care of our family at Synovus!

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